About Deja Vue

It started in 1988 when I teamed up with the Mix Kid (we were also known as the Parana Brothers for a while - Doug & Dinsdale), we used to do mixing using nothing more sophisticated than a twin tape deck.
We would play a snippet from one tape to the other and then another from a different bit of music. This would go on until the mix was
completed, the process being known as bouncing.
Then in 1998 came Sounds From The South. This started as a solo project, after moving back home. Later a friend moved in and we were going to start up together but we ever actually recorded anything together...all that remains is an album that I recorded on my own and another tape of remixes that I did myself.
After this nothing musical happened in my life for a number of years until in 2006 by Deja Vue, my third project. This started off by me
doing cover songs. In fact I produced six albums worth. As these were never released, they have all been deleted. I then went onto
think about some of my other favourite influences like The Art of Noise, Kraftwerk and Jean Michel Jarre, and decided I wanted to move more into the field of playing electro music. The result of this was the album Retro-Electro. A combination of eight styles of electro music including dance, techno, DnB and disco. I finished the album in early August 2007. Around this time I had met up with my old friend The Mix Kid, and although we had remained friends throughout the years, had not collaborated since the early days. After playing a demo of the CD and talking for a while he agreed to join the band.
The Mix Kid (DJ Ears, Steve) composes / produces and will be doing the groove and drum box programming for the band.
I still do the remixing as DJ GK and I do my own production work under the name of LHP (Long Hall Productions).
Our next step is to get some more tracks ready for a second album and to get managed/promoted and signed to a label

-- DJ GK

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